OnlyFans star says she only showered 37 times in 2022

OnlyFans star says she only showered 37 times in 2022
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A former OnlyFans star and high-profile sex and relationships writer surprised her Twitter followers by revealing that she showered just 37 times in the entirety of 2022.

Aella has more than 130,000 followers on Twitter thanks to her insightful commentary on sexual culture in America and beyond.

According to her website biography, she pivoted to adult work as an escape from dull factory jobs, and went on to become one of the top earning OnlyFans stars around with a $100,000 monthly income.

She's since grown a Substack, released a card game, and made multiple media appearances.

On Sunday, she posted her review of the year, based on habit-tracking app Daylio.

She revealed that in the past 12 months she had:

  • Went outside 222 times
  • Pooped 194 times
  • Danced 64 times
  • Had sex 63 times
  • Traveled 33 times
  • Exercised 23 times
  • Escorted 6 times
  • Took a psychedelic 5 times
But it was one 2022 stat that caught some fans by surprise; she said she'd only showered 37 times. Given most people shower every day, or every other day, that was a shortfall of expectations of around 145 showers, at least.

When someone pointed it out, she gave an interesting reason: it disturbs her microbiome.

"Yep, I try not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much. if I shower too often I seem to stink more! I regularly use a bidet and spot-wash my armpits and genitals tho."

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Another follower said: "37 showers is so insane to me. I shower twice a day and many days 3 times in the summer or just bc I may have been running around. You stink. You have to."

Aella replied: "If I showered that often I would stink! disturbs my microbiome."

But some fans took a different view, with one asking whether people's views of their bodies was warped: "This thread has me wondering how much water gets used by ppl obsessed w showering bc their b&w thinking has led them to believe that anything not immediately sanitized is disgusting and have never questioned the narrative of their bodies are inherently nasty and require soap."

She later explained that she first discovered her microbiome issue when she went camping, after washing with "heavy duty soap" the next day and finding out she smelled way worse.

She compared it to the 'no poo' movement where people stop using shampoo on their hair and it gradually adjusts to the change.

Aella also explained her technique to avoid stinky hair: "I find my scalp tends to get stinky if I sweat but don't have a way to air out my hair immediately afterwards. So after exercise, I loosen up my hair and scritch the scalp a lot to get airflow. Times I don't do this, I get really stinky.

She clarified: "I do wash my face and brush my teeth daily, wash my sheets 2x a month, do mostly normal hygiene otherwise."

Others were quite inspired by the level of life-tracking that she'd managed over the years, from which surprising trends and analysis can be drawn.

One said: "Your crying to pooping ratio is absurd!"

Last year Aella shared an alternative method to try and help improve her stomach issues – in the form of “23 pills” made of someone else’s poop.pills” made of someone else’s poop.

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