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A disabled host providing accommodation through the rental service Airbnb has been told to issue a refund to guests who didn’t want to touch an accessible doorbell.

Yes, really.

Jade, who has been sharing her experience on TikTok as @ThisWorldCanBeAccessible, claimed the individuals who booked to stay in her Irish home – at €50 a night - demanded she remove “all disability aids from my own home and if not that I leave.”

“I have offered a refund if they leave, but they are saying they shouldn’t have to leave when they booked and that I am wrong for not ‘warning them’ that I have a disability,” she wrote.

In a series of follow-up posts, Jade said she was told to “hide my disability better”, that the issue concerned her flashing accessible doorbell, and that Airbnb had given her two options in an attempt to resolve the problem.

“Option one: to no longer be disabled, no longer use a disability doorbell … or, option two is to refund the guests completely, let them stay here for free and sincerely apologise for my disability doorbell.

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“Grow up. It’s an accessible doorbell. You press it the same way you press every other doorbell on the planet – it just flashes, as well as ding-dongs,” she said.


Nightmare Airbnb guests who apparently hate disabled people

Jade also went on to list some of the shocking questions and comments made by the guests, including that disabled people “don’t understand anything”, whether they could “catch” her disability, and how she washes her sheets.

With a washing machine, obviously.

The guests left on Sunday, and in the latest update shared the next day, Jade revealed that while Airbnb’s safety team did not get back to her, their escalation team did but it “didn’t really progress anything”.

“[They] told me to be patient, that they’re looking into this [and] they are considering whether I would face further penalties,” she said.

Other TikTok users have since commented and expressed their outrage at the situation.

“What penalties can you possibly face for existing? That’s totally bonkers. They’re so in the wrong and I’m furious on your behalf,” replied one individual.

Another wrote: “Why the hell should YOU be possibly facing penalties. Surely they should be doling out penalties to the so-called guests!”

“@AirBnB this is terrifying for all minorities. You clearly have no concept of danger to minority groups and how dare you treat this lovely individual in such a dehumanising way,” said a third.

In a statement to Indy100, an Airbnb spokesperson said: "“Discrimination has no place on Airbnb. We were concerned to learn about this and are fully investigating.”

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