Wife accused of 's**t-shaming' for scolding husband for chatting to woman in bikini

Wife accused of 's**t-shaming' for scolding husband for chatting to woman in bikini
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When in doubt, people often turn to friends and family for advice – or complete strangers, if you're an avid Redditor.

Reddit's AITA ('Am I the Asshole' for the blissfully unaware), has become the go-to destination for words of wisdom from people across the world, including one husband who landed himself in hot water for speaking to a woman at the beach in front of his wife.

The anonymous man – we'll call him Joe for ease – turned to the forum to ask for advice.

He jokingly highlighted that his wife would be reading the responses so asked fellow users to be kind.

Joe and his wife visited Miami a few weeks back with their three-year-old son. While the son was building a sandcastle with his dad on the beach, a woman came over and complimented how cute the son was.

Joe smiled and thanked her before the pair had a ten-minute chat as his wife watched on.

"Now, according to my wife, she was wearing a completely inappropriate, over-the-top bikini that left nothing for imagination. According to me, I did not notice what she was wearing and have no comments," he wrote on the thread.

When he returned to his wife, she was "not happy."

"She kept on telling me how inappropriate it was to talk to "that girl in the tiny bikini" and that she was trying to flirt with me. I told her what we talked about, and it was not even remotely flirty," he added.

Joe explained to her that everything was innocent, and it's usually quite common.

"My wife thinks that this is different because that girl was in a very revealing bikini, and I as a married man should know better than talking to her. We saw that lady a few other times during our stay, and I cut our conversation short every time she tried to talk to me," he continued.

Later in the thread, the wife added her version of events, suggesting the woman was "clearly flirting and leaning too close to him."

"She also kept on popping up in the resort restaurant, bar and lobby after this incident and tried to keep on talking him through the week," she wrote. "It was disrespectful as she did not say a single word to me the whole time. I am not saying my husband was flirting with her, but he should have read her body language and shut her down. Plus, there are bikinis and there was her bikini. Something with her was clearly off."

The comments soon erupted into a debate, with one accusing the wife of "s**t shaming."

They wrote: "Your wife was low-key s**t shaming her for trying to get a nice tan. As long as you didn't proposition her or flirt, you didn't really do anything wrong. Your wife got jealous and she is trying to justify her emotions by saying they are your fault."

Another added: "You’re at the beach. Women will have revealing bikinis. Also, the fact that you acted normal and were as polite as you’d be if she were wearing sweatpants shows that you tend to not pay attention to women’s bodies.

They continued: "That’s actually a very good sign that you respect your wife and women in general. As a woman, of course, I understand how it might have looked to your wife, but you are NTA."

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