Logan Paul breaks silence on Prime Hydration 'forever chemicals' lawsuit

Logan Paul breaks silence on Prime Hydration 'forever chemicals' lawsuit
Logan Paul Slams PRIME Lawsuit Claims on TikTok
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Logan Paul, a co-founder of Prime Hydration, has spoken out for the first time about a lawsuit being filed against his energy drinks company.

Prime Hydration allegedly has 'forever chemicals' in its drinks with a court document recently made public during a motion hearing on April 18 saying the products are "adulterated, misbranded and illegal to sell".

A lawsuit has been filed against it for the levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) allegedly being found in testing of the Prime Hydration Grape Sports Drink specifically.

These are synthetic, man-made chemicals known to be harmful to both humans and the environment and are also known as 'forever chemicals'.

PFAs can be found in food and drink packaging, dust and even drinking water.

A third-party test is said to have detected 'material levels' of PFAs in the drink, including 'significant' levels of certain acids, according to the court document, which claims "the amount of PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, one of the PFAs) found within the product from testing is approximately three times the recommended lifetime health advisory for drinking water".

TikToker tommythelawyer shared a video about this lawsuit and Paul has responded directly to it on the social media platform.


Addressing the PRIME accusations #ForeverHydrated @PRIME

Paul said: "Anyone can sue anyone at any time, that does not make the lawsuit true and in this case, it is not.

"There's claims that 'forever chemicals' come from plastic, so in this case they're not talking about the actual drink, the liquid, Prime, they're talking about the bottle Prime is manufactured in.

"This ain't a rinky dink operation - we use the top bottle manufacturers in the United States

"The products are manufactured by our company in a manner compliant with all pertinent current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the United States Food and Drug Administration. All our suppliers use GMP facilities."

Paul claims the study referred to in the court document is 'b******t'.

"They're claiming Prime has 0.06 PPT (parts per trillion) but that's interesting because the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says anything under 1.1 PPT cannot be deemed reasonably accurate," Logan said when talking about the drink specifically.

"It means the detection limit is 66 times more than what they're claiming we have in our drink. That's just the detection limit - your own state will not even take action unless it's over 40 PPT."

Paul also responded to the claims about there being an alarmingly high number of PFOS in the product.

"We have a very big multi-million dollar filter that filters the water from the state, water you drink at home, before we make it into Prime.

"If this claim about PFOS and PFAs is true, what is that saying about your state water?"

Logan then said the company uses two of three recommended techniques to remove as many PFAs from state water and for company safety, Prime Hydration retains samples of every batch of its drink it has produced.

"One person has conducted a random study and has provided zero evidence to substantiate any of their claims," Logan added.

"Do y'all remember a while back when they said the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) was investigating Prime?

"It never happened. They never called us because we follow every single guideline and regulation."

He then called out tommythelawyer.

"We'll accept an apology within the next 48 hours otherwise you're going to be representing yourself in a miserable courtroom for lying about our brand," he said.

tommythelawyer has already responded.


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He said: "Yo Logan, why don't we just go live and talk about this? Do you want a discussion or do you want to just threaten me?"

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