Airport staff spotted ‘flossing’ on live TV before announcement of Queen’s death

Airport staff spotted ‘flossing’ on live TV before announcement of Queen’s death
Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96

The rolling news in the hours before the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced kept millions informed during a time of national concern.

It also, as it turns out, featured a few odd details we all missed at the time.

First up, people began to notice distracting background activity during Huw Edwards’ sombre announcement on the BBC.

Since then, people have been revisiting an unexpected moment from Thursday afternoon, which came when the cameras were focused on Aberdeen airport.

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While the team in the studio waited for members of the royal family to arrive, viewers spotted a member of staff 'flossing' alongside the runway.

It’s not clear whether or not the person knew they were on camera, or whether they were just passing a little time with a co-worker during their shift.

Either way, it caught the eye of social media users up and down the country, with one video on Twitter racking up 19million views.

It comes after some viewers tuning into BBC’s announcement of the Queen's death spotted something which managed to detract from the weight of the moment.

As a visibly emotional Huw Edwards announced the passing of her majesty, people spotted two newsroom employees holding up their phones and appearing to be taking photos and videos of the historic moment.

For more than 20 seconds, the pair have their devices held high - although it's not clear whether they're taking photos of the scene in front of them, or selfies of themselves in the central London studio.

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