Viewers spot incident behind Huw Edwards that 'ruins' announcement of Queen's death

Viewers spot incident behind Huw Edwards that 'ruins' announcement of Queen's death
People take photos behind Huw Edwards as he announces Queen's death

Some viewers say that distracting background activity during the BBC's announcement of the Queen's death managed to detract from the weight of the moment.

The sombre BBC News bulletin interrupted regular programming, and a visibly emotional Huw Edwards announced the passing of her majesty.

But behind him, on the right-hand side of the screen, are two newsroom employees who are holding up their phones and appear to be taking photos and videos of the historic moment.

For more than 20 seconds, the pair have their devices held high - although it's not clear whether they're taking photos of the scene in front of them, or selfies of themselves in the central London studio.

Huw Edwards, in the foreground, with the snapping newsroom employees in the backgroundBBC

Eagle-eyed viewers immediately took to Twitter with their complaints.

One said: "I despair with the modern world sometimes. I'm no royalist or whatever the term is. But I was stunned as [...] Huw Edwards announced the death of the Queen. In the background two BBC employees with their phones taking photos. FFS."

Another said: "As Huw Edwards made the announcement that the Queen has died on BBC News, journalists in the office in the background were talking selfies and photos of Huw. Have some respect."

A third added: "Not sure BBC bosses will be pleased with people in background taking photos of Huw Edwards on their phones during the announcement."

Around 45 seconds into the broadcast, a man in a white shirt can be seen striding across the newsroom floor, and appears to tell them both to stop.

They both quickly, and sheepishly, put away their phones and sit down.

Indy100 has reached out to the BBC for comment.

It's not the only awkward TV broadcast moment in the wake of the monarch's death - Today show host Hoda Kotb made a jarring switch from news about Queen Elizabeth II's death to the kickoff of the new NFL season on Thursday night.

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