Debate erupts over who was hotter - young Robert De Niro or young Al Pacino

Debate erupts over who was hotter - young Robert De Niro or young Al Pacino
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Twitter users have been known to debate all manner of topics, but the most recent viral question saw users split over who they thought was hotter – young Robert De Niro or young Al Pacino.

It was a question posed by Twitter user Ashely Reese who took to the social media platform to settle a debate at a wedding she was attending. Reese probably wasn’t anticipating that the tweet would go viral, drawing 277,372 votes and over 28 million views.

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She created a poll, explaining, “At a wedding and having a big debate rn. Please vote. Who was hotter?” with the two options being the American actors “Young Al Pacino” and “Young Robert De Niro”.

In the comments, people made their arguments and posted pictures to support them.

Despite Reese herself arguing for young Al Pacino to take the crown, not everyone was as convinced.

Someone argued: “LOVE LOVE PACINO DOWN! But Mr. Bobby D eats him up EVERY TIME. He’s actively doing it right here.”

Another urged: “The only right answer.”

“This is the best a man has looked,” one Twitter user wrote of young De Niro.

Others, however, vehemently agreed with the OP. One person wrote: “This is the correct answer, are half of you having some kind of episode, what on Earth.”

“I’m sorry but all you saying De Niro are out of your actual minds, look at this gorgeous man,” someone else argued.

Another wrote: “70s Al Pacino was one of the most beautiful people to ever exist on this earth.”

In the end, the two acting legends could not be separated as the poll ended with a 50/50 percentage split of the votes. So, we'll probably never know the true answer to this question.

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