Alexa translating 'Boris Johnson carrots 100' into Welsh is unexpectedly NSFW

Darren Richman
Sunday 18 August 2019 07:15

People are taking advantage of Alexa's translate functions to troll Boris Johnson with accidentally NSFW sounding responses from the AI smart speaker.

Mischievous social media users have recently cottoned on to the dulcet tones of Alexa's Welsh delivery when you ask the device to translate phrases for you and right now they seem to be particularly fond of one translation in particular:

Boris Johnson carrots 100

It turns out that asking your Alexa device to translate the phrase into Welsh will give you a very (accidentally) NSFW response. One best saved for whent he Children aren't around, we reckon.

It goes without saying the people online were loving it

And it also works with your FireTv...

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