Americans are preparing for the apocalypse, because Donald Trump

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Like politics, the sort of living off the grid, tin foil hat wearing, paranoiacs swings from left to right like a great pendulum.

Until the Trump Administration took office in January, most of the people preparing for the end of the world were the illuminati click warriors, sharing YouTube clip after YouTube clip of Bohemian Grove and their lizard king Obama.

Yet when people feared Barry Goldwater, or the 'mad man' Richard Nixon would use atomic weapons, it was America's liberals who prepared for Armageddon.

With the right in ascendance, it is the turn of the left to stockpile tins of food and build fallout shelters.

Business Insider reports an increase in the number of Facebook groups created for liberals who want to prepare for a Trump caused apocalypse.

Members of such groups are known as 'Liberal preppers'.

The groups tend to feature images of bunkers, long life foods purchased in bulk, and power supplies that don't rely on the national grid, such as peddle powered laundry machines.

One of the largest, called 'The Liberal Prepper' specifically states that 'pro-Trump nationalists will not be admitted'.

Colin Waugh is the founder of the 2000 strong group.

Speaking to Vocativ in January, he told of the shotgun he purchased four weeks ahead of November's 2016 presidential election.

My goal is to either prevent tyranny in America or be prepared for it if we can.

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