Americans have just discovered who Mr Blobby is and are now completely freaking out

Americans have just discovered who Mr Blobby is and are now completely freaking out

If you're unfamiliar with Mr Blobby, he was a giant pink felt suit who guest appeared on a lot of BBC programmes, following his ascension to greatness on 90s variety show Noel's House Party.

His standard interaction on bookings, which became all-too-frequent and inanely wildcard, went something like this:

With madcap antics and capers like this, it's a wonder the kids ever fell out of love with him, right?

The television subreddit was recently treated to his performance on the Big Fat Quiz of the 90s, in which he collapses most of the stage, breaks his eye, and puts straight deathfear into Jack Whitehall.

It also started UK resident reminiscing and posting more of his exploits - it was also many Americans' first introduction to Mr Blobby.

The reactions and memories were pretty consistent:

I feel like I just took acid.

  • Soren_Aabye

Mr. Blobby is gonna f------ haunt my dreams.

  • zv23


Hides behind desk and pees pants.

  • straub42

He was like if a puppy's brain was put into the body of a a blancmange looking humanoid and he'd come on and ignore the personal space of various celebs.

  • IntellegentIdiot

(responding to the fact that Channel 4 had blocked the video in the UK) Would you want anyone to remember this trauma?

  • flightlessbird

This guy haunted my f---ing dreams as a kid.

  • blondevenus91

I'm with Jack,WTF? Kill it with fire!

  • Whargod

His voice is very unsettling.

  • zygote_harlot

had to shut it off. It was freaking out my cats.

  • kmcg103

OMG when it started talking I had to click away from it. that voice is terrifying.

  • gedrii

Just know that hearing is the last thing to go when you die. Remember that voice

  • HoneyShaft

Mr. Blobby is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in my entire f---ing life

  • Jpt411

They were also treated to the knowledge that he achieved a number one, once upon a barbaric, ridiculous time.

Essentially, they realised what the UK did in the mid nineties...

That Mr Blobby needs to be stopped before he can take over.

Watch the full video, below:

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