3,600-year-old tomb from Biblical city of Armageddon might hold royal remains

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You'll know the Biblical back-story of Armageddon.

The ancient city is said to have witnessed numerous historic battles and is prophesied to oversee one more, as armies gather there for a battle during the end times.

But you may not know that the cheery ancient city, also known as Megiddo, is actually a real place - and that over the last 100 years, archaeologists have uncovered temples, palaces and city walls dating back to 586 BCE there.

Now, researchers have stumbled upon another stunning secret: a magnificent tomb untouched for 3,600 years.

Inside the burial chamber lie the remains of what looks like a family. A man, aged 40 to 60, a woman in her own 30s, and a child, around eight to ten years old.

Based on the the glitz within - from gold and silver jewellery to carved ivories, ceramic pots and stone jars - they were royal or elite.

Israel Finkelstein, a leader on the excavation project, told National Geographic:

We are speaking of an elite family burial because of the monumentality of the structure, the rich finds and because of the fact that the burial is located in close proximity to the royal palace.

The finding may provide insight into the royal dynasty that ruled there before its conquest by Egypt in the early 15th century BCE.

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