Anderson Cooper says Tucker Carlson would have ‘wet his pants’ if he was in Jan 6 mob

Anderson Cooper says Tucker Carlson would have ‘wet his pants’ at January …

Anderson Cooper is calling-out Tucker Carlson.

On Tuesday night, Cooper sat down with former District of Columbia cop Michael Fanone on CNN to discuss Carlson’s segment on the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Carlson aired “never-before-seen” security footage from January 6th, claiming it was “neither an insurrection nor deadly.”

But the Fox News host’s attempt to change the narrative surrounding January 6 did not sit well with Cooper.

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“The idea of Tucker Carlson being in that mob that day and not wetting his pants is hard to imagine,” Cooper said.

“I find it hard to understand somebody who has never put himself in harm’s way in any capacity for anyone else, or on reporting a story, and yet has the audacity to try to re-write history,” he added.

Fanone, who experienced PTSD after being beaten and attacked during the insurrection, agreed with Cooper

“Tucker Carlson, by his own admission, is an entertainer not a journalist,” Fanone said.

Carlson previously mocked Fanone for his testimony about January 6th where he described the terrifying moments he was beaten, dragged down the Capitol stairs, and stunned with a stun gun.

Fanone added that Carlson is “Donald Trump’s chief propagandist.”

Carlson’s segment is not the first time he’s downplayed the severity or violence on January 6, 2021. He also released a TV series called Patriot Purge where he theorised about the insurrection, insinuating it was a false flag by the government.

But Cooper believes that had Carlson been on the front lines of the January 6th mob, he would probably feel differently about claiming it was not violent.

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