Andrew Tate takes part on TV travel show before becoming famous

Andrew Tate has finally been banished from social media – but he had a final message for one woman, who was caught off guard by a surprise DM.

Olivia Dunne (@livvy), a US gymnast at Louisiana State University, shared a screenshot of an alleged Instagram message from the controversial influencer.

The clip, which garnered 7.8 million views, showed the message sent from Tate's account (@cobratate) dated July 29. It read: "Come to Europe dear 🌹."

According to the photo, Olivia did not accept the message request and left it unread.

She wrote "It’s a no from me dawg" as the caption.

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It’s a no from me dawg #foryou #andrewtate

Thousands of TikTokers headed to the comments. Many commented on his "smart" tactic sending it at 3:33am, numbers that hold significance for those into spirituality.

"He thought sending it at 3:33 was gonna work," one said, while another mirrored their comments, adding: "bro saw an opportunity at 3:33am".

Tate fans weren't far behind, with some calling it a "Tate win", adding: "Bro smooth with it" – even though he got rejected.

Another said: "Don’t disrespect MR. Tate"

Meanwhile, one user rightfully clapped back: "You can tell the average age of your audience by reading these comments".

Tate's social media descent started last week when Meta banished the so-called internet personality from its platforms. TikTok and YouTube followed suit on Monday (August 22).

His affiliate program for Hustlers University has also been stopped.

Tate delivered his final statement on Vimeo, claiming he was bullied as a child and was encouraged to handle the matter himself.

In the hour-and-thirteen-minute-long video, he said: "A lot of these attacks against me are disguised under the virtue of caring about women. But none of these people attacking me care about women. None of them donate to women’s charities. None of them donate to charity like I do.”

He wrapped up the clip by encouraging fans to "please explain the truth in a respectful manner" and that "any remaining social media channels" of his will be dedicated toward charitable causes.

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