This comedian's parody of Andrew Tate is hilariously accurate

This comedian's parody of Andrew Tate is hilariously accurate
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A comedian's video parodying an Andrew Tate clip has gone viral for perfectly imitating the "Hustlers University" creator.

Caroline Baniewicz posted a video to her Twitter using similar language and exaggerated rhetoric that Tate uses when he speaks on podcasts.

Enunciating every word, Baniewicz spewed controversial takes about women, strength, and more while pretending to be Tate.

"People today are too soft. You dying of Covid? Ok, suck it up." Baniewicz says jokingly. "My grandmother say she died of Covid? No, she died from being a little b***h."

Baniewicz went on a plethora of exaggerated rants and cut them together with text overlay parodying Tate.

"You know what really pisses me off? Pregnant women. They're lazy, they're fat, we have to look at them. They can't even drink. They're a total buzzkill."

"Women shouldn't even exist. Men should have children themselves. The way God intended it."

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With over 630k views, people found Baniewicz's parody of Tate hysterical.

" Andrew Tate acts exactly like this very spot on," a Twitter user quote-tweeted.

"The funny part is,I’ve seen exactly one minute of the dude actually talking and this seems pretty much on point", another Twitter user said.

"Ok this was funny", a person commented on Instagram.

"I swear this is what some of these “alpha males” sound like", another Instagram commenter wrote.

However, many of Tate's loyal followers attacked Baniewicz on Twitter for mocking Tate and used "women are not funny" as an insult. Some felt the comedian had not properly mimicked Tate's accent while others found her impression offensive.

Much of Tate's content is about diminishing women and putting men on a pedestal. He has promoted men having multiple partners while in a committed relationship, said women who 'put themselves in a position of rape must bare some responsibility', and more.

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