UFC 276 Preview: Sean O'Malley Vs. Pedro Munhoz

UFC sensation Sean O'Malley divulged that the controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate reached out to him with a cryptic message.

Tate is a former world champion kickboxer who received a great deal of attention in recent months, mainly due to his divisive views on society and women.

He even appeared on the UK reality TV show Big Brother and has been challenging YouTube star Jake Paul to a match since he stepped into the boxing world.

While discussing the British-American's scandalous views on a recent episode of the TimboSugarShow podcast, O'Malley said that Tate messaged him "out of nowhere" and stated "let's do it."

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Evidently confused at the context of the text, O'Malley still replied with the same, unaware of what he meant.

"Dude, Andrew Tate, he hit me up this morning. He said, 'Let's do it.' That's all he said. I don't know what the f**k it meant, but I said, 'Let's do it.'

"He's a f****** character. Just out of nowhere, blew up. Very, very strong opinions," O'Malley said.

He further said that he liked Tate's idea of women "having to get the numbers of their body counts on their forehead.

"That was, like, one of the best ideas," Tate added.

Tate's net worth is believed to be in the ballpark of £100m after running successful business ventures with his brother, Tristan, a former professional fighter.

It isn't clear if Tate was challenging O'Malley to fight with his message, but that is unlikely given the former kickboxer weighs over 200lb and is over six feet tall, and O'Malley fights at 135lb in the UFC.

The British-American recently claimed to be the "most top man" in the world when comparing his search trend to Paul, noting that he is more "famous" than him.

"I'm top 'g', I'm the most top man in the world. If me and Jake Paul fight, I would destroy him. He knows I would destroy him, and that's fine".

Tate also admitted that he respects Paul for making a drastic career change.

"He's got enough money, and he doesn't have to do this. He's putting his reputation on the line. I know that takes balls, and I respect him for it."

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