Amateur photographer captures picture of an 'angel' while snapping a sunset

Amateur photographer captures picture of an 'angel' while snapping a sunset
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An amateur photographer tried to snap his dream sunset – and captured an angel.

Stuart Murray, 56, whipped out his smartphone when he observed the sun going down from near his home in Portsoy, Scotland.

The resulting pictures show it dipping and transforming into an angelic shape, complete with outstretched wings.

Stuart explains: “I had been wanting to get a shot of the sun setting for years, but work or weather conditions usually got in the way.

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Stuart Murray/SWNS

"However, the location I took the picture is only a ten minute walk from my house in the coastal town of Portsoy, where I have lived my whole life.

“It's a photograph of the sun going down over Northern Scotland, along the Moray Firth coast. I took it on the 1st June at 21.45.

“My thoughts on the ‘Angel’: well, I'm not religious but I think I know what would spring to most people's minds if they saw the picture.

“If that gives one or two people a bit of comfort, so be it. I was only really looking for the classic picture of a sun setting.

“As for the effect the sun is giving off, I think, in my very limited use of my camera on my smartphone, it had something to do with the very clear and quiet still conditions that night.

“I remember whilst taking the photo a tourist couple walked by and I said to them that I wasn't much of a photographer and that's still true.”

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