The Anne Frank Center has spoken out after Donald Trump claimed he could unleash “fire and fury" upon North Korea.

The President of the United States' worrying comments were released after US intelligence analysts reported that Kim Jong-un's military had most likely developed the technology needed to miniaturise a nuclear weapon.

This miniaturisation would mean nuclear weapons could then be used in long range missiles and bombs, technologies North Korea have also be been developing.

The Center tweeted:

A war with North Korea would not be @POTUS' first. He has waged vicious wars on refugees, immigrants, women, people of color, LGBT people.

Of course, it makes 100 per cent sense that the organisation that exists in memory of a young girl forced into hiding and ultimately killed by the Nazis would be pacifist.

It goes without saying.

Except... Some people haven't quite done the maths, and responded angrily to the tweet.

Namely, Trump supporters:

Thankfully, most of us see the irony here.

It's still worrying though.

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