Trump supporters defend ridiculous fake adverts they think are real, and it's hilarious


As your probably aware by now, election campaigns are really, really weird.

Everyday you'll hear something which sounds convincing and true but could easily be an alleged fabrication.

Last year's American Presidential election was maybe the greatest example of that.

Donald Trump would routinely reel off grandiose promises to 'Make America Great Again' which his supporters endlessly enjoyed.

American comedian Robert Smigel, through the guise of his character Triumph the Insult Comic Dog decided to put Trump supporters loyalty to the test.

Taking part in what they believed to be a focus group for Trump campaign adverts, they watched a series of vignettes which became more and more ridiculous as they went on.

They range from trapping Mexican's in port-a-loos and transporting them back across the border, to having handguns in women's toilets in order to stop trans-women using the facilities.

Amazingly they defended the vast majority of the policies.

With Smigel doing the spot-on impression of Trump, the group initially react in a bemused fashion, but eventually come round to extreme ideas such as making abortions only legal in deprived areas where women will receive 25 casino chips in return.

Shocking right?

At least one participant had some reservations.

I think you should only be able to do it once for the chips.

How about the scheme to have every Mexican wear a shock collar that will electrocute them if they try to cross the border and is also disguised as bling.

Well, one person found a flaw in this otherwise perfect idea.

Once they find out what it is they'll somehow get it cut off and sell the bling, right?

Given the President's dire approval ratings at present it would be interesting to see how his followers would react in a similar situation today.

Basically what we're saying is, it's time to make another video.

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