An anti-vaxxer got their ignorance tattooed and the internet stepped up

Measles has been spreading with disturbing speed across the US since the start of 2019, nearly two decades after the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention declared it officially eliminated.

Yesterday, schools across London were put on high alert by health authorities after outbreaks of the potentially deadly virus were recorded at three schools.

At the centre of this epidemic are anti-vaxxers – the conspiracy theorists who refuse to vaccinate their children and put countless lives at risk in the process.

So when such an individual does something particularly ridiculous, the internet is quick to seize upon any small morsel of humour to be had.

One anonymous anti-vaxxer essentially got their ignorance inked into their skin and people couldn’t handle it.

The offending tattoo, shared on Reddit by tolptila90, featured a large crucifix and single flower, emblazoned with the words:

Do not vaccinate.

The top-rated comment read:

The image of the tattoo is captioned with the statement:

It’s not done, but I just got this real tattoo! Colour and a wrap around the floral design will finish it off. I go to the hospital for surgery soon lol.

I realise this can open me up for things or conversations…

One Reddit user actually agreed.

While others were depressingly brutal.

Some simply thought it exhibited a very strange logic.

While this person just thought the aesthetic was all wrong.

Maybe give Kat Von D a shout to do your next one?

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