Man spends $10,000 on newspaper ads to complain about his slow internet speed

Man spends $10,000 on newspaper ads to complain about his slow internet speed
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A 90-year-old man frustrated at his slow internet connection spent $10,000 on a newspaper advert to complain about his provider.

Aaron M Epstein, from California, had been an AT&T customer for over 60 years, although had become increasingly annoyed at the internet speed since the rise of streaming services such as Netflix.

Like many throughout the Covid pandemic, Epstein planned to pass time by watching TV series and films, however said his service made streaming impossible.

Speaking to ABC News, he explained he contacted AT&T to upgrade to a faster service, but was told it was not available in his area.

Epstein was hesitant to change providers, as it would mean him having to change his phone number and email address, so to vent his annoyance he took out two adverts in the Wall Street Journal.

Titled ‘Open Letter to Mr John T. Stankey CEO AT&T’, he insisted his home was surrounded by “creative technical workers in the Universal, Warner Brothers, Disney studios”, and so an upgrade should be possible.

He continued: “We need to keep up with current technology and have looked to AT&T to supply us with fast internet service," it reads.

"Why is AT&T a leading communications company, treating us so shabbily in North Hollywood?"

The adverts were published on 3 February, and prompted Epstein to receive a call from the CEO on the very same day asking how the issue could be resolved.

AT&T agreed to send two technicians to his home to set him up with faster internet, after which Epstein asked if his neighbours too could have their services upgraded.

Epstein said: "I’m not a frivolous spender of money and $10,000 means a lot to me, but in this particular instance it was money well spent.

“People are not going to expensive restaurants. People are not going on fancy vacations. My wife and I are at home and watch Netflix and streaming services more. So, I have no complaints whatsoever about spending this kind of money.”

An AT&T spokesperson confirmed it had expanded fiber internet throughout Epstein’s neighbourhood, adding it “was already planned to receive fiber, and is part of our ongoing fiber expansion in the larger Los Angeles area”.

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