Mind-blowing video shows what babies can hear in the womb

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An extraordinary recreation of what a baby can hear in the womb has got people "tearing up" across social media .

The creator Dimitris Chronis Animus Mentis Productions shared the heartwarming simulation on YouTube, where it racked up thousands of views.

It shows a baby in the mother's womb surrounded by amniotic fluid during the last trimester of pregnancy . The external sounds are muffled, but the creator noted that "babies become increasingly capable of hearing a range of musical tones, and studies confirm that babies react — in the womb — to the sounds they hear."

He went on to suggest that if a song is replayed, the late-term foetus may recognise it as a newborn.

"I came up with the idea to simulate the above situation using spatial sound. I managed to put an ambisonic recorder in an enclosed basket filled with water and recorded the sound of an African lullaby coming through an outside Bluetooth speaker," he wrote, before advising listeners to use headphones while playing.

What can babies hear inside the womb| (ambisonic simulation)

The clip was soon inundated with comments from emotional listeners.

"It is nice to know what my niece used to listen to, and I may say it is calming even for a grown-up to hear," one person wrote, while another added: "Amazing beyond time and space, beautiful light."

A third commented on how catchy it was, writing: "Now I’m gonna have THIS in my head all night…"

Meanwhile, one person wrote: "This is adorable I started tearing up."

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