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Jeannette Reyes

Naming your baby is a deeply personal and special choice, but one woman found that going to the internet for people’s thoughts on it may not be the best idea after someone compared her chosen name to slime.

The woman split opinion after posting in the Reddit community r/namenerds, explaining that she was expecting a baby girl at Christmas and wanted to name her Gloriana.

She explained: “It’s pronounced the way you’d say Ariana. I think Glory is a cute nickname and she can still go by Anna/Ahna later on if she hates it.

“I’ve loved this name before I ever got pregnant. My MiL and husband love it but my FiL and relatives kind of hate it. I keep being told it’s my baby and I can name her whatever and not to worry about other people’s opinions. But that’s not entirely true.

“This is my daughter’s name. It is important and it’s something she has to carry for her entire life. I don’t want her to be stuck with a stupid name.”

The anonymous mother-to-be went on to ask the community, “exactly how terrible is this name? Would it be a mistake to give it to my daughter?”.

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In the comments, people’s opinions were split, throwing a spanner in the works, with some saying it was a beautiful name, while others compared it to slime.

One user commented: “Gloriana is a perfectly beautiful name to me. It feels more contemporary than Gloria.

“I would expect it from someone who comes from a language where names similar are common, such as Spanish or Italian.”

But, another was not so much of a fan, writing: “For me, the ‘GL’ sound doesn't sound very pleasant. It sounds guttural, like Gertrude or Greer. Or even more so, gore.

“I don't have synesthesia, but certain names give clear associations to me. Gloria/na makes me think of thick slime and goop. I'm so sorry it's not the worst name I just personally dislike it.”

Someone else bluntly said: “Personally, I really hate it.”

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