Baby owls look just like aliens and people are freaked out


Since humankind began to dream of life on other planets, thousands of films, books and TV shows have wondered what aliens are really like.

We’ve all seen the classic visual of a short, skinny alien with huge eyes, either coming from the stars to liberate or destroy us.

But what if aliens had been among us all along. And what if they were never really aliens at all?

These are the questions lots of people are asking after a video of baby owls went viral.

The footage was originally tweeted by Daniel Holland, who astutely asked whether people who think they’ve seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls.

The video shows someone, presumably Holland, looking up into a rooftop to see two baby owls staring at them. The resemblance between the baby owls and the stereotypical image of what an alien looks like is very striking.

On Twitter, people were freaked out by the video. The horror was real.

If this is how people react when they see baby owls for the first time, it doesn't exactly fill us with confidence for when aliens finally make contact with humans.

HT The Poke

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