This dad talking to his baby about a season finale will melt your heart

Baby and father have adorable conversation
Baby and father have adorable conversation

If you're still looking for your daily dose of cute to cheer you up after a bad day, look no further.

A video of a dad chilling and pretending to hold a conversation with his babbling baby about a series finale has gone viral - and we really mean viral.

In the video, American dad Deztin sits on the sofa with his baby Kingston having a conversation about the final episode of a TV show they just watched.

But of course Kingston is just a baby, so his analysis of the show is less "I don't understand why the writers didn't spot those plot holes" and more "goo goo ga ga".

With over one million shares on Facebook, the world has fallen in love with this adorable duo.

And it's one of those videos that you just want to watch over and over again.

If your heart isn't completely warmed by this point, then clearly you're beyond help.

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