Man shares how to get 27 days off work in a row - using just 10 days of leave

Man shares how to get 27 days off work in a row - using just 10 days of leave
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A man on TikTok has revealed a clever hack for selecting your next annual leave to give yourself maximum time away from the office without using too much of your annual leave.

Graham David, who goes by @grahamdavid on the platform, posted a video that breaks down the effective ways to make the most of your holidays by stringing days off between weekends and bank holidays in spring next year.

“I’m going to share with you how to make the most of your bank holiday allocation next year, how to bring in some weekends, and then use just 10 days annual leave to make the most of that allocation,” David said on TikTok, before explaining how to get 27 days off with just 10 days leave.

David then explained that you could get 10 days off consecutively in April just using four days of holidays, assuming you work Monday to Friday and get bank holidays off.

(Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to retail or hospitality workers. Or your beloved indy100 journalists, sadly.)

Friday, April 15 is a bank holiday because it’s Good Friday. Then it’s the weekend, which includes Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, which is also a bank holiday.

David also points out if you decide to take your annual leave from Tuesday, April 19 to Friday, April 22, using only four days of holiday, you will get April 15 to April 24 off because of the weekend at the end.

April Bank Holiday dates.Photo courtesy of @grahamdavid/TikTok

Afterwards, he gives some tips on how to get a full nine days off at the end of May going into June, by using only three days of holiday.

And yes, it’s due to another bank holiday.

If you get Saturday, May 28, and Sunday, May 29 off automatically because it’s the weekend, and if you take Monday, May 30, Tuesday, May 31, and Wednesday, June 1 off for annual leave, you won’t have to come back to work until the following Monday.

This is due to the May bank holiday being moved to Thursday, June 2, and an additional bank holiday being added on Friday, June 3, just in time for Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary as a monarch.

May Bank Holiday datesPhoto courtesy of @grahamdavid/TikTok

December/January Bank Holiday datesPhoto courtesy of @grahamdavid/TikTok

People in the comments of the video appreciated the advice.

“This is legendary, thank you,” wrote a commenter.

“This is great as [it] benefits so many [thumbs up emoji]. I’ve been doing that since I started,” wrote another.

Others noted that although this is great to know for some, it doesn’t apply to them.

Photo courtesy of @grahamdavid/TikTok

“Sweet, extra time off... Oh wait, I work hospitality, never mind,” wrote a third.

“I like the video, but I work in retail,” wrote a fourth.

Someone else added: “What’s a bank holiday weekend?”

Check out the full video here.

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