Man soaks date with beer in failed attempt to catch foul baseball

Man soaks date with beer in failed attempt to catch foul baseball
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While trying to catch a foul ball at a baseball game, a man spilled his drink all over her date and the video of it went viral.

The entire interaction was captured at a Cleveland Guardians versus Oakland A's baseball game on Saturday. The man and woman were sitting next to each other, presumably on a date, when a foul ball flew into the crowd.

The man jumped up, beer in hand, to catch the ball but failed to realize the liquid in his cup was about to escape. As the man watched the ball escape from his potential grasp, some of his drink flew out of the cup and landed perfectly on the woman beside him.

In the slowed-down video, the woman can be seen preparing herself to be splashed with beer.

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Upon realizing what had happened, the man sat down giggling while the woman remained still with her mouth agape, holding a tray of food, notably nachos, that are seemingly also soaked.

The video went viral on Twitter racking up over 2 million views with most people making the same joke.

"Perfect excuse to get her a guardians jersey," Sike wrote.

"Man spilled his beer, dropped the ball, AND he paid money to go to a Cleveland game. What a terrible day," Josh said.

"Should have worn a Guardians jersey. Karma," Shawn replied.

Other people couldn't help but point out that the nachos the couple had bought were now covered in beer.

"After further review, beer did not make excessive contact with nachos. Still good," one Twitter user said.

"Im still eating the nachos," Justin commented.

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