Huge bears raid Krispy Kreme and help themselves to doughnuts

Huge bears raid Krispy Kreme and help themselves to doughnuts
Family of hungry bears raids Krispy Kreme delivery van
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Two hungry bears have raided a Krispy Kreme van and helped themselves to 20 packs of doughnuts.

The delivery driver had arrived at a store when he momentarily left his van unattended to drop off some boxes. At that moment, a mummy bear and her cub hopped inside the van and started munching on the sweet treats.

Store manager, Shelly Deano said the bears often frequent the area in Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, US, in search of leftovers.

Sally told local media: “You could hear them breaking open the packages. “We were trying to beat on the van, but they just kept eating all the doughnuts.”

She added: “They ate 20 packages of the doughnut holes and I believe six packages of the three-pack chocolate doughnuts.”

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She said security staff managed to drive the bears away by blasting their sirens on Tuesday (19 Sept). The bears then ambled off into the nearby woods after spending around 20 minutes scoffing down the doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme spokesperson Candice Sargeant said it was a learning experience for staff members.

She said: “We'll definitely be learning to slide up our ramp, and close the doors, to ensure that bears don't get back in there again.”

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One local resident joked: “It's cute when they do it, but when I raided a doughnut truck, it was ‘illegal’ and ‘disturbing’...”

Sue wrote: “Good for them. “I’m glad they got to enjoy them, but they must’ve had such a belly ache! We all love those things.”

Nikki said: “Looks like they're storing up for the long winter ahead! It takes a lot of calories to hibernate for a few months.” Stan Hunt remarked: “Only in Alaska.”

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