Bette Midler has perfect response to Republican who told her to kiss his dog's 'hiney'

Bette Midler has perfect response to Republican who told her to kiss his dog's 'hiney'
West Virginia governor tells Bette Midler to kiss his dog's hiney
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Actor Bette Midler responded to a bizarre call-out from West Virginia Governor Jim Justice in the best way.

During the politician’s State of the State address, he invited Midler and other critics to kiss his bulldog’s “hiney”.

But Midler was quick to respond with a tweet that read: “BTW, here are the state rankings of all the areas and agencies for which the so-called ‘Governor’ of WVA, #JimJustice, is responsible.

“Judging from these rankings, I’d say his dog’s a** would make a better Governor than him!”

She also retweeted an image of Justice holding his dog along with the caption: “Here we can see a dog’s a**hole. Right next to it is the butt of Jim Justice’s dog.”

The tweets followed Justice concluding his State of the State address with a bizarre display.

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Speaking on Thursday, he said: “They never believed in West Virginia that we could do it,” before lifting his dog, Babydog, to show its backside to the gallery.

“They told every bad joke in the world about us. And so from that standpoint, Babydog tells Bette Midler and all those out there, kiss her hiney,” Justice laughed.

His call-out may be in response to a tweet posted by the actress last month in which she called West Virginia “poor, illiterate, and strung out” in response to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin's refusal to back Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

She later apologised for the tweet.

We wonder what Babydog makes of the situation…

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