Woman's overdue baby bump called the 'biggest ever seen'

Woman's overdue baby bump called the 'biggest ever seen'
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Pregnancy can be a long and tiresome process, especially when the final days until due date kick in and patience wears thin.

TikTok user Brooke (@brookesobasic) regularly posts updates of her evergrowing baby bump, which has been hailed "the biggest ever" by fellow users.

The mum-to-be's stomach looks as though it couldn't grow any bigger and followers aren't convinced that only one baby is hiding inside.

Brooke, who is expecting her sixth child, posted a series of clips and hilarious comments along her pregnancy journey.

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In one of her clips, she said: "Someone told me my belly is so big - my baby is living in a loft and already has wifi.

"I posted a YouTube Short and woke up to thousands of kids roasting me.

"I can laugh about some comments because I know I carry big.

"This baby was estimated at 6.4 at 35 weeks."

In a viral clip that racked almost 50,000 views, the TikToker explained how she is currently over 40 weeks pregnant. She shows her huge bump from various angles and fellow users simply cannot believe it.


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The clip garnered much attention online, with one fellow mum joking: "That baby gonna come out paying bills."

Another highlighted that the baby doesn't want to come out. "You tried everything?! Your baby is saying nope I'm good in here."

"Omg that's crazy u are strong I couldn't go this far I'm 33 weeks and already going crazy," another added, while another humoured: "How many babies are there?"

Brooke said that while she was nervous about how big her son would be, she just wanted to meet him now

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