Blind cat with 'cosmic moon' eyes amazes the internet

Blind cat with 'cosmic moon' eyes amazes the internet
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A blind cat has caught the attention of millions with his hypnotising 'cosmic moon' eyes.

The TikTok famous feline called Pico battles with bilateral glaucoma, a condition that turned his once "beautiful green eyes" into mesmerising moon eyes. His owner Monica has racked up almost 300,000 followers on the platform, where she regularly posts adorable updates.

Monica lives with Pico in Canada after she and her family adopted him after he was in a car accident.

In a viral storytime clip, the 17-year-old cat mum explained that "his case wasn't as bad as you think," adding that the vet said he "didn't show any sign of pain."

Monica highlighted that it had been five years since the vet visit and there's been no indication of pain, which is a "miracle." She noted that if there's ever a change in his behaviour, "he will go to the vet asap."

Blindness hasn't prevented Pico from living life to the full. While he has been described as an "inside cat", his happy place is the outside, where he can navigate around the garden.

.✨Definitely his best one ✨. #blindcat


.✨Definitely his best one ✨. #blindcat

.✨Definitely his best one ✨. #blindcat

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"Every day we go for a nice walk," Monica said. "His eyes only go big when he is outside or when he hears the bag of treats."

"He is very happy, and very spoiled in this family," she added. "We give him all the love we have and attention."

The TikTok account has been inundated with wholesome comments, with one saying: "Oh my god, his eyes are like shiny little marbles."

Another humoured, "Where can I get a cat from outer space?"

However, Monica has had her fair share of harsh comments calling her ownership "abuse."

"Please stop saying this is abuse," she urged. "He is very happy and I would never hurt him or let him suffer."

Indy100 reached out to @picoblindcat for comment.

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