A bizarre flash mob of people dressed up as Boris Johnson has taken place outside Downing Street.

In footage posted on social media, a group of “maybe a hundred” people wearing blond wigs and cardboard cutouts of the Prime Ministers face have gathered on the streets of London close to the Prime Minister’s house.

According to Liz Bates, Channel 4 News’ political correspondent, the group yelled chants of “my name is Boris” and “this is a work event”, while music played in the background.

It comes as Boris Johnson claims he believed a garden party he attended, alleged to have been hosted while the country was under lockdown restrictions, was a work event.

Bates tweeted footage of the flashmob of people dressed in suits, blonde wigs, and with many adorned with a Union flag and holding bottles of alcohol.

She wrote: “Chants of ‘my name is Boris’ and ‘this is a work event’ outside Downing Street as maybe a hundred bewigged Boris lookalikes jig around in the street. Utterly surreal.”

The clip has been viewed almost 300,000 times and has got people talking about the state of politics.

Liberal Democrats MP, Wera Hobhouse, wrote: “When a Prime Minister becomes a public laughing stock...”

Someone else said: “2022 is getting madder by the hour .. down the rabbit hole we go.”

Others were confused by the intent of the flashmob – condemnation or support.

One person commented: “is this a show of support or condemnation, i literally cannot tell.”

Another called it: “Absolutely shambolic.”

Someone else said: “Say what you want, but you can not beat Britain for being a ridiculous country at times.”

Another person joked: “it’s like the ending of the V for Vendetta movie, only much, much worse.”

Another argued: “Well, Johnson always wanted the nation laughing at him!”

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