Boris Johnson has been facing increased pressure to resign over allegations of multiple lockdown breaching parties in Downing Street.

In a long-lasting scandal that has now been dubbed Partygate, we’ve heard of garden parties, alleged Christmas parties, suitcases of wine, and even an incident involving Wilf Johnson’s swing...

Voters haven’t loved the stories, safe to say, and Johnson and the Conservative party have tumbled in the polls, with even some of his own MPs calling on the PM to resign.

So if he goes, who could be the next PM? Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are both popular in the party but when the question was put to a group of primary school children by teacher George Pointon, they offered some slightly different political analysis.

Once child reckoned The Hulk had the credentials needed for the job.

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Whereas another thought bringing back Henry the 8th could be a good idea.

Another child alarmingly thought Donald Trump would do well in the UK.

And one thought Big Ben - which is obviously a clock - would do better than any human prime minister, and fair enough.

Finally, one child thought that the only person suitable for the job would be “someone kind”.

Sounds like a good idea to us.

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