The guy pranked his sleeping girlfriend making a new hair style

If someone travelled across the world to surprise their long-distance partner, you'd expect them to be overcome with emotion – or a smile at the very least.

Unfortunately for one woman, her boyfriend looked a lot less enthused, and people were surprised she didn't board the first plane back home.

In a TikTok video that's 2.2 million views deep, Lauryn (@laurynmapusua) shared her 14-hour journey from America to Sweden. "He was definitely surprised and confused," she penned as the caption, with one user highlighting he looks more "shocked and worried."

The clip starts by showing Lauryn boarding the plane, along with Ellie Goulding's heartfelt song Still Falling For You as the backdrop. The TikToker then hops aboard a coach and specifies the lengthy journey in a text overlay: "14hrs of flying / 5665 miles in distance from US to Sweden."

After the long-haul flight, Lauryn eventually arrives at her boyfriend's place and is met with him lying on the couch, looking baffled.

"I posted twice to clarify that he knew I was coming just not that day, It said 'surprised him early', he thought I was coming at the end of the month," Lauryn clarified in the comments.

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He was definitely surprised and confused 😂❤️❤️ #greenscreenvideo #longdistancerelationship #love #fyp #viral

The viral video was flooded with over 9,000 comments from fellow TikTok users. One called the clip "painful" to watch.

"I wanna know who’s recording. He seems to have thought the person recording was for him," one said, referring to the sheepish looks the boyfriend was giving the camera person.

Another couldn't fathom that the clip was genuine. They said: "I can't tell if this is a joke to reference couch guy? Cos I would've booked my flight back home."

"I don’t think he knows you," one user humoured, while another added: "When he already made plans now he's trying to figure out how to hide you."

Others said Lauryn "deserves better."

Many users made the striking comparison to TikTok's infamous "couch guy."

Back in September, Robbie McCoy’s long-distance girlfriend Lauren Zarras decided to surprise him by turning up announced, and innocently filmed him and posted a 19-second video of his reaction to TikTok.

McCoy’s reaction to seeing his girlfriend didn’t satisfy the millions of strangers who came across the video, accusing him of cheating or saying his behaviour was a red flag.

The viral villainisation of his character encouraged McCoy to write an article to clear his name. He offered advice to viewers of any future "couch guys."

“When they appear on your For You page, I implore you to remember that they are people, not mysteries for you to solve," he said.

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