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One year ago today, the people of Britain went to the polls to vote on whether or not the UK should remain part of the European Union.

One year on, we've had a Tory leadership contest leading to a new Prime Minister, a Labour leadership election, and a general election and Brexit negotiations have only just begun. (Not to mention one or two foreign elections that have changed the geopolitical climate).

Despite Article 50 being triggered, lots of people still disagree on the manner in which Brexit proceedings should take place. Due to the loss of her majority in the recent general election, it's still unclear what deal exactly the Prime Minister is going for in these negotiations.

A letter in Times following the results is being reshared as it perfectly captured how the UK just isn't that united anymore.

Sent in by David Jones from West London, it read:

Sir, It is now surely unthinkable that we can continue to call our country the United Kingdom of Great Britiain and Northern Ireland. The only thing uniting us is our currency. Perhaps Poundland would be more appropriate.

After being tweeted by Guardian journalist Jessica Elgot, some people even knocked up flags for 'poundland'.

Rule, Poundland! Poundland used to rule the waves!

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