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Tory MP and vocal Brexiteer, Daniel Kawczynski, is under fire for a rather misguided tweet about Europe, Britain and the Second World War.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, the MP for Shrewsbury said after WWII, only Germany received 'Marshall Plan' and that Britain 'mortgaged herself' and accused the EU of being 'ungrateful'.

It has since been pointed out to Kawczynski that his statement couldn't be more incorrect and that Britain received billions from the Marshall Plan - and more than West Germany.

He has defiantly tried to stand his ground and refused to delete the tweet telling the Shropshire Star: "Those affiliated to Europe in this country hate any challenge to their point of view. The furore I can deal with."

It's very possible that Kawcynski is regretting this tweet now as his notifications are being bombarded with people trolling the life out of him, but one tweet really stood out.

Dmitry Grozoubinski, a former Australian trade negotiator with the WTO, ironically agreed with the backbencher and said that the EU had been ungrateful ever since "the UK defeated the Nazis at Stalingrad, the Persians at Thermopylae and Saruman at Helm's Deep".

You may notice that much like Kawczynski's tweet, Grozoubinski's tweet is also factually inaccurate, but it is a lot funnier.

Firstly, there were no Brits involved in the Battle of Stalingrad, nor at the Battle of Thermopylae, which took place in 480 BC (it's the battle from the movie 300), and finally there were definitely no Brits at the Battle of Helm's Deep (apart from Sir Ian McKellen) - because it happened in Middle Earth and is fictional.

Unfortunately, for some, people began to take Grozoubinski's tweet as legit and still managed to find a way to complain about the EU, only for Grozoubinski to eventually tell them that it was a joke.

Firstly there was Rhona...

Then came someone called 'Aozora', who really didn't get the hint.

Where's Britain's credit for their valuable assistance in the Mines of Moria or the grasslands of Naboo?

Even Remainers weren't quite getting the reference.

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