Brexiteer gets history lesson after asking for 'examples of Britain treating Ireland in an appalling way'

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Brexit and its relationship with Ireland is a saga that feels like it is never going to end and could get worse before the whole ordeal is over.

Discussions about the 'backstop' and the 'hard border' have almost become infamous subjects that have been debated and derided ever since they came into public knowledge.

The historical context of Britain's connection to Ireland has come up again after Andrew Lilico, an author and economist who has ties to the ERG, began stoking the flames of no-deal and blamed the possibility on the 'failure' of EU and Irish leaders.

Lilico tweeted this on Tuesday but when he was accosted by several Irish Twitter users who were not happy with him attempting to blame their nation for a no-deal, one even branded Britain's treatment of Ireland as 'appalling' which stumped the Brexiteer.

This then led Lilico to tweet an already iconic post, where he asked for any examples of Britain treating Ireland in an 'appalling' way?

As you can imagine, Lilico was about to be on the receiving end of a short history lesson and a lot of jokes.

Yes, there was even an Irish Simpsons meme.

After he was presented a comprehensive thread of 'appalling acts' the British had committed against the Irish, Lilico appeared to change his question, to acts that were committed since 2016, which is convenient

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