Bride discovers fiancé's family has 'disturbing' wedding night tradition

Bride discovers fiancé's family has 'disturbing' wedding night tradition
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A woman has recounted a wedding tradition her husband wants to take part in even though she doesn't want to do it.

Posting on Reddit, she explained that her husband wants to cut her out of her dress with a "special knife" but that the idea makes her feel uncomfortable.

She wrote: "My fiancé’s family have a tradition where on the wedding night the groom cuts the bride out of her dress. They even have a special knife they use to do it and the next day everybody makes a big deal about the cut-up dress.

"I told my fiancé I don’t want to do it but he said he wants to and that it’s the only tradition he isn’t willing to budge on. There are other traditions he’s agreed to scrap, but he said this one is harmless and it’s important to him that we keep some of their traditions.

"He and his family are upset with me since they feel like I’m erasing so many of their important traditions and since my fiancé really wants to keep this one, they feel like I should compromise."

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Reacting to her story, people had the woman's back.

"That's the dumbest s**t I've heard today," one said. "He wants to ruin an expensive dress and his whole family is pressing the issue? F**k no. If he's dead set on it, buy a thrift store gown for him to cut up."

Another said: "His family's 'tradition' seems rooted in misogyny. Are you sure you want to marry into a family where this seems to be a thing and where what *you* want doesn't count?"

A third wrote: "This whole thing is beyond disturbing."

And a fourth said: "You are not a package he ordered off Amazon."

What a mare.

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