‘Bridezilla’ roasted for pinning up angry note warning residents not to make noise on her big day

‘Bridezilla’ roasted for pinning up angry note warning residents not to make noise on her big day
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A bride in Alaska left a passive-aggressive note to residents, warning them not to make any noise and ruin her big day—although it would be in a public area.

In a Reddit thread titled r/weddingshaming, someone took a picture of the bride’s sign that appeared to be taped to a tree.

It read: “On June 18 and June 19, we will be hosting our wedding ceremony and reception. Please do not camp here! We have an entire guest list arriving for the weekend to celebrate so if you decide to anyways, we will set up around you and do it anyway,” the sign reads.

The sign also said that loud music would be played and would be a “late-night type of weekend.” If anyone happens to be there, she also writes, “expect there to be 50 plus of us.”

As a result, the residents didn’t take too kindly to that message and had some words for her.

“GOOD LUCK! There’s a teenage boy campout and Family Photo Shoot this weekend. GO AWAY!!!” read one sign.

“Hey, congrats on your upcoming wedding, but your plan to host a ton of people and play “loud music” for two days is NOT going to work for the residents of this area. Also, where do you plan to park all these cars? AND where will you be going to the bathroom and cleaning up after yourselves?” read another sign, in part.

Others in the comments of the thread provided some advice to the residents

“I think.... you and your neighbors should start a band, and have your first practice during the ceremony,” one person wrote.

“Seems like a good time to get 50 of the loudest most obnoxious drunks you know to also hang out that weekend,” someone else wrote.

A third speculated that the saga might continue on r/PublicFreakOut if the bride is disgruntled, saying, “I just see this ending badly and turning into a post on public freakout when this bridezilla doesn’t get what she wants.”

In a turn of events, the bride posted a message to Facebook saying she “was the woman who’s having the wedding” and didn’t intend to “offend the community” and wanted to enjoy a peaceful ceremony with the family.

She added: “I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m extremely grateful this community cares about their surroundings enough to be concerned.”

As the plot thickened, we’re wondering how the wedding festivities ended up playing out.

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