Bride shares wedding horror story as brother turns up in ‘disrespectful’ pirate costume

Bride shares wedding horror story as brother turns up in ‘disrespectful’ pirate costume

A woman has shared her wedding horror story and revealed that her brother insisted on dressing up in a ‘disrespectful’ pirate costume.

Posting on the popular “Am I the A**hole?” Reddit thread, the woman didn’t know how to react after being told her sibling was attending her big day dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The bride wrote: “My brothers wife called me up to tell me they were getting me personalized M&M’s as a wedding present (cool!), oh and, BTW, ‘Since you’re having a yacht wedding, Greg will be wearing a pirate costume.’ I said ‘Please no.’

“But he showed up in a pirate costume exactly like the Johnny Depp pirates of the Caribbean one anyway. Complete with fake dreadlocks.”

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The woman went on to write: “If he had done this to any of my older sisters on their weddings, they would have cried and freaked out. Or if I had embarrassed him on his wedding he would have flipped out. But I’m seen as the ‘wacky artistic little sister’ that everyone can do whatever to. And he’s so ‘sensitive’ that everyone in my family indulges him and never calls him out.”

She went on to say: “Then I got to look like a bridezilla in front of my other guests for being very visibly not thrilled after he interrupted my first dance with my new husband to twirl me around the dance floor against my will while he swung a sword around. One of my new relatives acted like I was being uptight, told me she found the pirate costume funny. I didn’t bother to explain to her ‘Yeah well it’s not your big expensive event with your family being disrespectful as usual.’”

The post continued: “I am worried that I am too sensitive and uptight when it comes to my family and the way I sometimes feel disrespected by them. I wish I could lighten up.”

She added: “TLDR: I’m the youngest in a big family where they’ve always expected me to be ok with all of my stuff being treated as a joke, whereas their stuff is sacred. And my brother wore a pirate costume to my yacht wedding after I begged for that not to happen. I’m worried that I’m too sensitive to my family dynamics and might be super uptight about how my family dressed and behaved at my wedding, and felt insulted by my bothers costume.”

Safe to say, the internet was appalled by the post. The comments section was full of people showing support for the bride, and criticising the selfish acts of the brother.

One wrote: “You should have left him stranded on an empty island.”

Another added: “I would be so hurt if a close member of my family though so little of me as to do this. I’m so upset that nobody pushed him into the sea.”

A user commented: “He made you and your SO day about himself. He's an ahole.”

“Your wedding, your rules. He is a huge AH. I would banish him from any future event. A wedding is a big thing and he has no right to ignore your request,” one more said.

Another added: “Your brother has main character syndrome. I would feel completely disappointed and hurt. I think you really need to lay down the law this time with this family dynamic or not respecting your events. Say what you need to say to him and then don’t contact him for a while.”

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