Bumble exchange goes viral thanks to woman’s masterful response to aggressive man

<p>Writer Natalia Antonova shared the heated exchange on Twitter</p>

Writer Natalia Antonova shared the heated exchange on Twitter

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Awkward exchanges are part of the magic of online dating, but not when they get offensive.

Still, one woman knew exactly what to say when she was confronted by an aggressive man on the Bumble app.

Writer Natalia Antonova tweeted a screen grab of the conversation she’d had with the unnamed suitor.

It began with him admitting he’d searched for her on social media after she rejected him on the site.

He confessed that he’d “swiped right” on Antonova but she “never swiped back.”

“I wondered if you’d respond if I found you on Instagram,” he wrote after she accepted his message request on the platform.

“I’m not offended,” he added. “Just think it’s a little shallow of you.”

Asked to elaborate, the man continued: “You harshly judged my Bumble profile, but the second you saw that I’m funny and I can cook, you let me talk to you.”

A baffled Antonova responded: “Harshly judged? I honestly don’t remember ever coming across you on Bumble. So whatever it is you’ve just assumed, it’s weird and wrong.”

The heated conversation continued with the man asking: “Is this your way of implying that you get so many matches on Bumble that you don’t remember me? Scandalous!’

She replied that she didn’t understand how matching with plenty of people on the app could be considered “scandalous,” adding: “Maybe if I was a nun.”

“Way to make a guy feel good about himself,” he retorted.

Clearly irritated by this point, Antonova wrote back: “It’s not my job to flatter you. Especially after you called me shallow. Piece of advice: Acting insecure and rudely demanding validation is not how you get girls.”

His response?: “You’re just an aging single mom anyway, whatever.”

Their jaw-dropping dialogue ended with a stroke of pure class from Antonova.

She said: “Sure am! That’s why you got upset with me on Bumble, tracked me down on Instagram, came up with a clever response to me, got into my DMs, blew it by being a douchebag, and are now mad about it.

“Cool life.”

Her post, titled ‘Happy anniversary to this great moment in incel history’ racked up more than 115,000 likes and 8,000 shares in two days, as fellow Twitter users hailed her handling of the situation.

Here’s a glimpse at their assessments:

Meanwhile, others shared their own experiences of similar interactions:

All we can say is, if you subject someone to insults or inappropriate comments, don’t expect to get away with it – and certainly don’t expect a date out of it…

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