People are sharing videos of their cats eating food 'like Hungry Hippos'

People are sharing videos of their cats eating food 'like Hungry Hippos'
OMAR HAJ KADOUR / Getty Images

People are sharing the odd ways their cats bite into food after a video of a cat eating like a 'hungry hungry hippo' was shared to Twitter.

Luke's cat suddenly attempted to eat a huge mouthful of food, much to the surprise of himself and his other cat who was trying to share it.

The tabby's bizarre method of eating was compared to a 'hungry hippo'.

People started sharing their own videos of the weird ways their cats eat.

Cats can exhibit incredibly strange behaviours when it comes to meal times.

And some have unusual choices about what they eat.

But why do cats eat like...that?

According to Dr Tony Buffington, cats have "prey preferences during hunting or play that can influence how they like to eat".

Writing for, he argued that a cat's "history, context and expectations" influence whether they take small bites or "wolf down their food like hungry dogs".

As we know, cats are a prey as well as a predator species, and eating is a vulnerable time. Because of this, cats in threatening environments may wolf down their food, pick at their food, or run off to eat portions of their food away from the bowl and other cats before returning for more.

It's possible Luke's tabby was concerned that his other cat was going to eat more than his fair share of food, so decided to take a huge mouthful just in case.

Who among us hasn't panicked at the sight of a crowded buffet and taken an extra stockpile just in case?

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