<p>The African grey has returned home safely after three days </p>

The African grey has returned home safely after three days

This Morning / Twitter

Rejoice! Chanel the parrot has made a safe return home to Liverpool - three days after she flew away.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, let’s rejig your memory. Pet owner, Sandra Hannah, became an overnight viral sensation last year when her African grey parrot, Chanel Chanellington, went on the missing list after flying away from home.

If this still doesn’t sound familiar, “CHANEEEEEEL!” certainly will.

Unfortunately for Sandra, Chanel the parrot has done it again and escaped through the front door three days ago.

Taking to Instagram, she pleaded: “Chanel flew off again. Please, she definitely went on the canal somewhere... I don’t know what to do but if anyone sees her, you know what she’s like. She’ll be scared.... She’s gone.”

Luckily for Sandra, her beloved parrot made a safe return home which she shared with the nation on Tuesday’s ‘This Morning’.

After three days of worry, she said: “My bedroom door came bursting open, they turned the lights on and Chanel was in my daughter’s arms.

“She flew to me and I snuggled her.”

While some people were overjoyed for the return of the famous parrot, others were concerned about Sandra having Chanel’s wings clipped to stop her from escaping.

There was even been a parody account created for the African grey, which made light of her escape - now that she has returned home safely, of course. The account, @chaneltheparrot tweeted: ‘If the football’s not coming home neither am I’ with a snippet of Nelly Furtado’s, ‘I’m Like a Bird’.

Let’s hope Chanel isn’t plotting any more escapes.

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