Pet parrot Chanel whose owner went viral with plea for help has gone missing again

<p>Chanel’s mum, Sandra, in her latest appeal video </p>

Chanel’s mum, Sandra, in her latest appeal video


Chanel the parrot – whose owner went viral last year after making an impassioned public plea over the pet’s disappearance – has gone missing again.

It was April 19, 2020, when a Liverpool mum called Sandra shared a video begging for help to find her beloved African grey, who had been spooked by a noise and flew off.

At the time, Sandra filmed herself walking around outside trying to find Chanel – whose full name is Chanel Chanellington – by loudly calling out her name.

“Please everyone... my parrot’s gone,” she said in the selfie recording before crying at the top of her lungs: “CHANEEELLLL.”

The clip struck a chord with millions of viewers across the world and became an instant online sensation, spawning hundreds of memes.

A Chanel the Parrot Twitter page was created in the bird and her “mam’s” honour, while the clip was voted the “most iconic pop culture moment of 2020” in aTyla poll – beating the likes of Nigella’s “Meecrowahve”moment.

Fortunately, the saga had a happy ending, with Sandra and Chanel reunited just days later.

But Sandra took to the social media airwaves again on Saturday, calling for the public’s help after Chanel apparently flew out of their home while the door was open. She posted a tearful message on Instagram and TikTok today, adding: “This isn’t a joke.”

Sandra added: “Chanel flew off again. Please, she definitely went on the canal somewhere... I don’t know what to do but if anyone sees her, you know what she’s like. She’ll be scared.... She’s gone.”

She then adds “I feel sick” and apologised for “doing this again”.

Many viewers were suspicious about the disappearance. However, Sandra insisted her literal cry for help was real.

Those who followed Chanel’s plight (and flight) last time were shocked at the news.

And one person made this rather salient point...

Sandra has urged those who see Chanel to contact her directly.

African grey parrots are reportedly among the cleverest animals other, with various studies showing them to have similar intelligence to a human toddler.

Last year, it was revealed in a study in the Current Biology journal that African grey parrots are willing to help other birds in need. They also have strong stamina and can fly for up to 10 km per day.

Fly back soon, Chanel.

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