China has invented an ice cream that doesn't melt even when next to fire

China has invented an ice cream that doesn't melt even when next to fire
Convoy of ice cream trucks form funeral procession for veteran seller

People have been left rather concerned after videos show how a Chinese ice cream doesn’t melt, even with direct contact with a flame.

It comes after clips of people trying to melt the ice cream with a flame revealed that the substance doesn’t melt as normal ice cream would, and in fact, it produces smoke.

Zhong Xue Gao is a luxury ice cream brand in China and has been dubbed the “Hermès of ice cream” due to its high pricing as the most expensive ice cream in the country.

But the brand is now facing questions about what is in its products, according to the South China Post.

One clip showing how the ice cream turned into a sticky substance, rather than a liquid has been viewed 500 million times on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

The company released a statement, saying that all of its products were in line with Chinese food safety regulations.

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This Chinese ice cream won't melt when burnt: What's in it?

In a statement, Zhong Xue Gao said: “The main components of the baysalt coconut-flavoured ice cream are milk, single cream, coconut pulp, condensed milk and milk powder. Forty per cent of this ice cream is solid materials.”

It also explained it adds 0.032 grams of carrageenans to its 78-gram product – a seaweed extract that has sparked some concern after tests on animals and cells show it can cause health problems including cancer.

An officer from the Shanghai Market Supervision and Management Bureau said that they were aware of videos appearing to show the ice cream not melting.

They said: “The test results from professional testing institutions should be more authoritative.

“To our naked eyes, the ice cream did not melt. But this conclusion would be better supported by scientific data.”

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