The 'Chuck E Cheese Challenge' is the new video trend that’s about to take over the internet

@_BamTheDancer / Twitter

The Mannequin Challenge is so over.

After everyone from Hilary Clinton to The X-Factor got involved with the Mannequin Challenge, it’s time for a new video challenge to take its place. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with the Chuck E Cheese Challenge.

First and foremost you might ask the perfectly logical question, what's Chuck E Cheese? Well, they're a chain of American family restaurants.

They serve pizza alongside fun activities and arcade games - but what they're most famous for, are the jerky animatronic animals that sing songs in a slightly creepy manner at diners.

Like this:

You might also remember The Simpsons parodying it:

So, while the Mannequin Challenge was all about standing still, the Chuck E Cheese Challenge is about miming to the music in a broken, robotic fashion... Just like the creepy robots.

Like so:

Dancers Marquese Scott, Julius Chisolm and Bam The Dancer have shared a video of them miming to Childish Gambino’s brilliant new track ‘Redbone’.

So far, their video is the only one to have gone viral, but surely more will be on the way?

Will you be getting your animatronic dance on for the internet this week?

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