Black Family Sues Sesame Place, Alleging Discrimination

Chuck E. Cheese has become the latest child-friendly costumed child-friendly character to be accused of racism.

On Sunday (31 July), a New Jersey mother took to Twitter to post a video of the restaurant’s mouse mascot high-fiving a bunch of white children standing up on a stage during a birthday party.

However, the mascot seemingly ignored the mom’s Black daughter, who joyfully danced around him on the floor.

“On July 30 at Chuck E Cheese in Wayne, NJ, my 2 [year old] was racially discriminated against. As you can see, he gives all of the [white] kids hi-5s & PURPOSELY ignored my Black baby. When confronted, he ignored me as well…,” her caption read.

According to mom, the manager “made excuses” for the worker dressed in the costume.

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She alleged that the manager apologised that she “felt that way,” but the worker didn’t see her daughter despite providing video evidence.

“This is getting out of hand!!!” she wrote in a separate tweet.

In another tweet, the determined mom shared a photo of her little girl and Chuck E. Cheese, who was giving a thumbs up, posing together for a photo that management “insisted” they take after they apologised to her and told her that the mouse couldn’t “see her.”

“I wasn’t for it, but Safa was still innocently following him around — of course, unaware of what just happened. Just for her to take a picture like this,” she said of the child, who had her arms crossed in the picture.

“Great job, Safa.”

"When confronted, he ignored me as well." @belllahijabi/Twitter

Many people believed that the person in the suit might not have seen the child. However, an account posted a video where Chuck E. Cheese could be seen interacting with kids that are of similar stature.

“This video completely says otherwise,” wrote the account @JanasiaZolanski disputed.

“This other chuck e. cheese mascot saw that little boy who is probably shorter than her clear as day.”

Regardless, another person called the whole incident “infuriating,” while someone else wrote.” Na, he didn’t ignore her; he DENIED her smfh. Do better.”

The heartbreaking footage is not the first time an incident of racism towards Black children has been highlighted online.

Last month, a mom took to Instagram to post a video of her two daughters who attempted to high-five the Rosita character at Sesame Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

However, the character seemed to rebuff the advancements and made a “no” gesture with her arms.

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