'Clark Kent' look-alike becomes centre of attention at January 6 hearing

'Clark Kent' look-alike becomes centre of attention at January 6 hearing
Republican witnesses testify Trump refused to tell January 6th mob to leave, ...

During Thursday's January 6 hearing, an unidentified Superman lookalike captured people's hearts, causing the hashtag "Clark Kent" to trend on Twitter.

The man in question was seated right behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews.

The DC Extended Universe was sporting a sleek navy suit and glasses — earning him comparisons to Superman's bespectacled reporter alter-ego, Clark Kent.

One wrote: "Ok, yes, Trump is guilty....BUT WHO IS THIS...Ok, Clark Kent!! #January6thHearing."

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"Why are people questioning Clark Kent's presence at the Jan. 6 hearings? He's obviously covering the event for the Daily Planet," another wrote referencing the fictional character's day job at a news outlet.

A third wrote: "You know the #January6thHearing is a big deal when Clark Kent of all people is skipping San Diego Comic-Con for it."

Even Bravo host Andy Cohen was curious to know who the man was.

"Who on earth is this? #IsHeSeeingAnybody" Cohen asked.

Yashar Ali, a writer for New York Magazine, teased that he knew who the man was but didn't reveal his source.

He only noted that the man was taken.

"The good-looking man sitting behind Pottinger is not single.

"That's all I will say, and that's all you need to know!"

The political Clark Kent's identity is still unknown following the hearing in which the House Select Committee investigated former President Donald Trump's activities during the insurrection of Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

The hearing showed that Trump refused to say that he "lost the election" in new footage that saw him going over his speech.

Radio transmissions from frightened Secret Service agents were also shown. They worried about their safety and that of former vice president Mike Pence.

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