At the moment, the world can seem pretty bleak.

Between politics and the global climate catastrophe, it feels a bit like the human race is descending into inevitable doom.

But according to a recent Reddit thread, life is anything but inevitable.

People are sharing the most "amazing" coincidences that have ever happened to them – and some of them might reaffirm your faith in life.

Here’s 14 of the most incredible stories:

1. From OThatSean:

I was at a bar in Dallas on saint Patrick’s Day and I asked a guy about 30 years older than me if I could borrow a lighter. He said something back in a Dublin accent. I asked if he was from Dublin. He said yes.

I jokingly said I wonder if you know my dad he is from Dublin. They guy of course says no way it is a huge city. But my grandfather owned a building with his name on it real big so I asked if he knew of the street it was on.

Then I asked him if he knew my Grandfather’s building. Turns out he used to work for my grandfather and lived with my uncle and was in fact friends with my dad. Small world.

2. From FinnBoland:

I picked up the house phone to call a friend and he was already on the line. He had called me and I had picked up the receive just before it had a chance to ring. Blew my f**king mind.

3. From Fenrir101:

As a kid my parents took me to Butlins one year (a all inclusive kid friendly holiday park in the UK) and got on really well with the neighbours. The next year we went to Spain, and the same family was in the same hotel for the same two weeks as us.

The next year we went to a different Butlins and our first week there was the same family's second week. My parents and their parents made plans to meet up again the next year, and we never saw each other again.

4. From daisychaingirl93:

Went for coffee with a potential new housemate with 2 other confirmed housemates. Get chatting to the potential new housemate, and find out she's from Spain.

One of my confirmed housemates is from Spain, and asked where she was from. Long story short, they're from the same town, went to the same school, and lived streets away from each other.

Further conversation reveals that they were actually part of the same group of friends when they were really young kids, and their parents used to hang out together.

And they both coincidentally left Spain at the same time, to go to the same (not very well known or big) university, and nearly ended up living together!

5. From Twoehy:

When I was in college my girlfriend and I were doing the hostel thing in Europe one summer. We were broke but her mom worked for a big airline, so the airfare was super cheap. After London we went to Paris, and her mother suggested that we look up her old work colleague Kurt, and see if we could stay with him. Free board? Sounds great.

So we called, and his wife answered - Kurt was out of town, but call back tomorrow once they'd had a chance to talk. We did, and Kurt said it would be fine. gave us directions and we were set. When we got off at the Metro we were immediately lost, but we called Kurt back and he said just wait, he'd come get us, which he did. Everything was immediately super awkward, but what are you gonna do?

The small talk was even more strained - ' still work for Delta?' 'No....I'm in technical writing' Weird, basic details just were not lining up. We got back to their house, I took a shower, his daughter come home from school, and it has probably been ninety minutes since we'd met face to face and Kurt decides to drop this bomb on us -

'Hey listen, you seem real nice, but I don't think that I know who you are. I talked to my wife though, and if you want you can stay here for the night.'

'But you're Kurt.'

'I am, but I never worked for Delta and I don't think we've ever met.'


We called back her Mom. Turns out we had Kurt's phone number ONE DIGIT OFF. We'd swapped a five for a two, called the wrong number, and got a DIFFERENT AMERICAN NAMED KURT. living IN PARIS. and then we'd GONE TO HIS HOUSE, PRETENDED TO KNOW EACH OTHER, I TOOK A DAMN SHOWER, and then we all agreed we were total strangers.

We called the /right/ number, got the 'Real Kurt' who lived like two miles away, and whose daughter was in the SAME CLASS at school. Both Kurt's were lovely, but we opted to stay with the one we knew.

6. From ryanzbt:

I was kicked out of a concert in Grand Prairie Texas, it was at a large venue and I got in front row and yelled that the singer sucked. 10 years later I had moved like an hour from my home town and got a roommate that I didn't know.

One night he was telling me the story about the concert and the guy who was kicked out. Apparently he was also there and thought it was great.

7. From tadhg555:

When I was in college in Texas (back in the early 90’s) I took a summer trip to England. My flight left on the last day of classes.

I had an English paper due that day, and the prof insisted that it was due in his box by noon.

Of course I procrastinated, and didn’t turn it in until 1:00 (and mine was the only paper in there). I was sure I had screwed up, but I had to go catch my flight.

I got to London and the next day I was on the Tube, telling my friend that I was sure I had failed the class because the prof never got my paper.

'It’s going to be hanging over my head the entire trip,” I said. “There’s no way I’ll know if he got my paper.'

We arrived at our stop, the doors opened and there was my prof, waiting for the train.

'Professor X! Did you get my paper?'

'Uh... yes, yes I did.'

'Great, thanks,' I said, and went on to enjoy my holiday.

8. From Barfhelmet:

Going to a bar in a different Country. Bartender wanted to see my identification so I showed him my State ID.

I have somewhat of a rare name. Turns out that was exactly his name as well.

He called his father who came down to meet me as well. We had a good conversation over some beers.

9. From FootHillsLawyer:

Am attorney. I met with a client pursuing disability benefits. Very sick and very sympathetic. She had an open-and-shut case, to the point I even suggested that she file on her own so she could avoid paying me anything.

'You don’t know my maiden name, it’s ('Ms. Smith'), you represented my brother two years ago. You arranged for members of the community to rebuild his house. If I end up paying $10,000 it would not be enough to cover what you have done for my family.'

I was literally thinking about quitting what I do, just the day before.

10. From cheesecakeandchill:

When I was 9, I had a best friend named Naomi. The next year, I moved to another state and Naomi and I lost touch. Nearly eight years later, when I was taking a standardised test (to get into college), who do I run into at the test centre?


Now here’s the best part: The test was in a different state to the one we previously lived in. Also, all the candidates writing the test were randomly assigned test centres within the state. Best coincidence ever.

Edit: For those wondering, Naomi and I have since rekindled our friendship and are still in touch.

11. From Marviro:

I was hit by decompression illness (the bends) and lost the ability to coherently communicate, it’s very similar to having a stroke. I started wandering aimlessly down an island road and stumbled upon a random medical centre, perfect!

Upon entering I realised I couldn’t speak properly and most people thought I was on drugs. I was unable to tell anyone what was happening and as I’m being turned away, the dive instructor I was diving with was right behind me!

Between where I was and the dive centre there were easily three or four medical clinics he could have gone too, but he went to this one. He was able to fill in my forms for me as I couldn’t remember my name.

Even better, my landlord owned the only decompression chamber on the island, so she zoomed me straight in without having to wait for paperwork. Luckiest day of my life!

12. From jaynus006:

When I was young I lived in Germany (military brat). My brother and I played with the neighbours son who was about our age (younger than me, older than my brother). The German boy's mother had an older sister who lived in the US.

Jump years forward and I am in college, my wife and I were dating seriously and I went to Chicago to meet her family for the first time. While there I discovered that her neighbour was the Sister who had moved to the US. Even crazier her oldest son owned a business in the town my parents had retired in.

The final crazy part of the entire coincidence is shortly after we married I was offered a job in Pennsylvania. We moved and once we got a place met the neighbours. One of them was the original German boy I played with as a child going to school here in the states.

It’s been over a decade since and no other cray run-ins, but never know what tomorrow will bring!

13. From tinkrman:

Went grocery shopping with GF. We both bought pineapples. We checked out through adjacent lanes. When I got to her home, she realized she forgot to take the pineapple she had bought.

So I told her she can have mine, and I will go to the store on my way home, and pick up hers. When I went to the car, I realised I forgot my pineapple too.

So imagine, me going to one lane asking "did I leave a pineapple, here?", then walking to the next lane, (with a pineapple in hand) and asking the same question. Both cashiers had a "what the hell" look on their faces.

14. From DiligentShopping:

Mate was making fun of me because I had white paint on my blazer, guy got shat on by a seagull.

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