Comic perfectly ridicules Christian stereotypes about gay people


People are loving this comic strip about a gay man who arrives in hell thanks to its sweet subversion of the more traditional strains of Christianity.

The comic, which came out in October 2015, was part of a series called Adventures of God, featuring protagonists God, Jesus and Satan.

In this episode, it turns out that the gay man is in hell because God wants to set Satan up with a new boyfriend.

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Indy100 spoke to Matteo Ferrazzi, who along with the comic's illustrator Kasper Hansen formed comic strip duo 'It's The Tie', about the impetus behind the series.

"When I wrote this comic, the central idea behind God's character is that he “works in mysterious ways. In the first episode of the series, he cripples an athlete so that he can go on to win the Special Olympics; here, he sends a gay man to hell to help Satan feel less lonely."

It's about how he has a plan for all of us, even when it seems like he's indifferent to our suffering.

Ferrazzi explains: "I like that Satan's gay and conforms to none of the stereotypes we usually associate with homosexuals."

This particular episode, says Ferrazzi, was the most popular of all, thanks to its warm reception in the LGBT community.

People from all walks of life have told me this comic resonated with them. The LGBT community, of course, because of how it mocks the notion of homosexuality being a sin. But also devout Christians, who feel comics about religion are often snarky and mean-spirited, and were surprised that this one portrayed God in a positive light - even as a flawed character.

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