Woman shares on Tiktok PowerPoint she made for her exit interview

A man took the plunge by quitting his long-standing job of eight years for a new position - only for the job offer to be retracted, leaving him unemployed.

TikToker Migi (@migimigz22) who previously worked for Verizon revealed his challenging employment circumstances in a clip which showed him appearing tearful as he sat in his car.

The over-lay text he wrote on the video explained: "Leaving my job of 8 years for a job that hired me and then retracted the offer after I'm jobless."

Since posting his disappointing news, Migi's TikTok has gone viral with over 123,000 views, along with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from people.

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Migi revealed in the comments that he hadn't signed the paperwork for the new job when he quit his old one and was told his new job offer got rescinded because the company said they were "fully staffed."

Some people in the comments section advised the TikToker not to do this again in the future.

One person wrote: "You should always wait until you have a start date before leaving."

"I usually don’t quit until the last min I even go as far as using my PTO and sick leaves until my new job is secured," another person said.

Someone else added: "Mmmm sketch why would you quit before starting the new job?"

"NEVER leave your old job before physically starting the next… you do not need two weeks notice my love," a fourth person replied.


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Meanwhile, there were others who shared their sympathy, and words of encouragement, with some even sharing that they went through a similar experience but it all worked out for them in the end.

One person said: "It happened to me! But landed an even better job."

"This was a different level of messed up," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Dealing with the same tbh. these are the times we push ourselves & when we get next level, we got good stories to tell!!! Stay strong bud."

"Same happened to me now I’m my own boss and make way more than I ever done working for someone else," a fourth person added.

Luckily, this story does have a happy ending as Migi shared an update in the comments section that he manage to get a new job, he wrote: "I was lucky and was able to find a new job! I start tomorrow!"

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